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Festival of Social Science 2021

2021 saw us deliver a month of events for the first time! From 1 -12 November our events aligned with COP26, exploring themes of climate change and the environment. Thereafter we explored a variety of societal topics and challenges, some big some small, but all relevant to public audiences young and old.

We had over 1500 attendees and 98% of those surveyed agreed the events were worth the time and effort of attending. 87% are keen to find out more about the topic and plan to share what they've learned with others.

Festival programme

Take a look through the programme below for more information and links to event recordings.

Explore the festival blog from our sociologists

The Festival of Social Science events not only highlight the University of Surrey's contribution to some of the complex social questions of our time, they also illuminate how social sciences are key to the future health of our lives and communities. Dr Tamsin Woodward-Smith, ESRC Impact Acceleration Account Manager

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