5pm - 6pm

Thursday 12 November 2020

Rethinking sustainability and digital economy in times of COVID-19: Radical redesign for sustainability through entrepreneurship and innovation

How do we build a smarter, greener and fairer global economy? What is the role of entrepreneurship and innovation? A conversation between Professor Carlota Perez and Dr Stelvia Matos moderated by Dr Itziar Castello.


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The Centre for Social Innovation Management (CSIM) and Centre of Digital Economy (CODE) invites you to join this webinar 'radical redesign for sustainability through entrepreneurship and innovation.' A conversation with Professor Carlota Perez and Dr Stelvia Matos and moderated by Dr Itziar Castello. Part of the series 'rethinking sustainability and digital economy in times of COVID-19'.


Professor Carlota Perez

Carlota Perez

Professor Carlota Perez is a renowned British-Venezuelan researcher, lecturer and international consultant that studies the mutual shaping of technical change and society and the lessons provided by the history of technological revolutions for economic growth and development.

She is Honorary Professor at the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) at University College London, UK and at SPRU, the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex, among other appointments. She is the author of Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages.

Dr Stelvia Matos

Stelvia Matos

Dr Stelvia Matos is a reader in social innovation and sustainability management and head of the Centre for Social Innovation Management (CSIM) at Surrey Business School.

She is also the Co-Editor-in-Chief for Technovation, a leading technology and innovation management journal. Her research focuses on understanding the complex interactions among social, environmental and economic factors, and how they affect, and/or are affected by innovation dynamics, entrepreneurial behaviour and policy development.


Both panellists discussed the current crisis from slightly different but complementary perspectives. Carlota took a historical view on the economic crisis and discussed the policies that need to be implemented to transition towards what she calls a 'smarter, greener and fairer economy'. Stevia explained her view based on her research ‘on the ground’ with impoverished entrepreneurs that are affected by these policies. The webinar created a conversation between these two perspectives and explored how this broader approach can help us understand about the complementarity of innovation, policy and entrepreneurship studies as well as to have a more holistic view on the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis and its solutions.