Published: 07 March 2016

CANCER CAG NEWS: Clinical research trial for cancer vaccine to be launched in Surrey

We are pleased to announce that two of our Surrey Health Partners members are due to launch a new clinical trial in the coming months.

The VAPER trial will launch at the University of Surrey and Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and will test a new vaccine to investigate it's effectiveness and safety. 

The vaccine works by replicating the body's natural immune responses against bacterial and viral infections and is currently being studied by scientists at Kings College London and Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust. 

All patients with any solid tumour, irrespective of their type of cancer and tumour genetic profile, may have the potential to benefit from this sort of treatment, the trial will therefore aim to establish the benefits, any side effects associated with it and the impact of this treatment on patients' quality of life. 

The results of the trial are hoped to lead scientists closer to developing an effective but nontoxic cancer therapy that can be used in clinical practice.

The clinical teams are being led by Dr James Spicer, Principal Investigator at the BRC and King's College London and Professor Hardev Pandha from SCRI.

Professor Pandha said, “We know that the immune system in patients with advanced cancer is supressed, so it’s unable to recognise and kill cancer calls. In this trial we are investigating a form of immunotherapy designed to activate the body’s immune system by administration of a vaccine based on fragments of a key cancer protein.”

Should the trial prove successful showing the vaccine is well tolerated, it will be expanded to a larger number of patients to further assess its effectiveness.

Read more about the VAPER Trial by following this link:…



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