Published: 07 October 2014

Data assimilation specialist appointed as Lecturer

Dr Naratip Santitissadeekorn, an expert in advanced mathematical modelling techniques used in climate and weather prediction, has been appointed as Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics.

Dr Santitissadeekorn joins the University of Surrey after research posts at the University of North Carolina (USA), University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia) and Clarkson University (New York, USA). As a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of North Carolina, Dr Santitissadeekorn developed an effective data assimilation method for combining imperfect models and real observations to better understand complex climate and weather systems.

He explains, “I have always been interested in classical and modern mathematical concepts, not only because they are fun, but also because they have applicability to sciences and engineering.

“However the usefulness of using mathematical models in this way is limited because there are typically many elements that are not completely known while, at the same time, initial data input to the models is also imperfect (for example the current state of climate and weather is not completely known).

“At Surrey we have a group of very talented people working on mathematical modelling, including Professor Ian Roulstone who is an expert in the use of modelling techniques to predict the weather. By contributing my knowledge of data assimilation, I hope that we can work together to develop effective techniques which combine modelling with data.”

Dr Santitissadeekorn’s research specialisms also include applying dynamic structures such as non-linear jets to fluid flows, which could help us to understand the way the ocean circulates.

As a Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics, he will be teaching third-year undergraduates about Bayesian statistics (a field of statistics based on certain probabilities).

Dr Santitissadeekorn originally studied Electrical Engineering at the King Mongkut Institute of Technology in his native Thailand before undertaking a Masters course in Mathematics at Lamar University in Texas, USA.


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