Published: 15 March 2016

Digital Innovation Award winner chosen in association with Surrey Business School

Surrey Business School ‘Digital Innovation’ award goes to Physical Digital Ltd at this year’s Surrey Digital Awards (SDA) ’16. Online achievements of businesses, charities and schools in Surrey were recognised across 16 categories and presented to deserving organisations on March 10.

Professor Roger Maull, Co-Director of CoDE the Surrey Centre for the Digital Economy, Surrey Business School, presented University of Surrey’s Business School presented Physical Digital Limited’s Managing Director Tim Rapley the first Surrey Digital Innovation Gold Award.  

Physical Digital, the largest and longest-established GOM service provider, offers high-accuracy, repeatable, traceable 3D scanning services across the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Mr Rapley expressed his delight at receiving the inaugural Digital Innovation Award: “Against the wide range of digitally-active businesses in Surrey, we are thrilled to have been singled out as the most innovative and forward-thinking organisation. Alongside our core business of providing highly-accurate 3D scanning services we also undertake innovative research and development into the physical-digital twin. This is a just reward for the innovative digital practices of all members of our highly-skilled team.’’

Physical Digital gave several examples of digital innovation to the panel of judges. Arguably the most significant of these examples was the introduction of the UK’s first UK independent GOM ATOS automated scanning cell – the ScanBox 5120– which for the first time offers British clients access to world-class metrology services for batches of components. This provides highly-accurate, reliable and traceable data for ten, a hundred or even thousands of components. The automation of the measurement and inspection service provides a step change for manufacturing industries and design technology.

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Physical Digital Limited Managing Director Tim Rapley, receiving the prize from Professor Roger Maull

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Director Kirsty Rapley with the Digital Innovation Gold Award

Find out more about Physical Digital’s innovative range of 3D scanning services.

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