Published: 15 March 2013

Do the right thing

Talking at the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility’s Sixth Annual conference last month Professor David Bruce Allen, Dean of the Faculty of Business Economics and Law, urged businesses to demonstrate their commitment to CSR.

Delegates, including sustainability and CSR professionals from across Australia, were in Sydney to hear Professor Allen deliver the conference keynote speech in which he asked his audience to, “Treat CSR governance and risk the same way financial governance and risk is treated.” True commitment to CSR, he went on to explain, has to be clearly demonstrated through a company’s priorities.

Professor Allen’s book, Corporate Social Strategy: Stakeholder Engagement & Competitive Advantage (2010) co-authored with Bryan Husted, sets out that responsible leadership is central to unlocking value from CSR initiatives – just as it is in all corporate activities.

The ACCSR Conference report includes a summary of the panel discussion that followed Professor Allen’s speech. The speech was covered in the press including this article in Leading Company.