Published: 17 September 2014

Donor acts to promote outdoor arts at Surrey

Surrey’s thriving arts scene has received a further boost thanks to a philanthropically-supported outdoor performance area.

A fully-equipped stage was built right next to the campus's lake, providing students and staff with a space to hold plays, concerts and other live events. The natural slopes around the area serve as comfortable seating and offer a stunning view over the lake.

Alumnus Barry Stone, who has supported the project, said he chose to get involved after attending a number of "quite superb" performances held on temporary staging at the lake.

He said: "This was an ideal opportunity to look at an undeveloped part of the University and turn it into something that Guildford School of Acting and other groups can use in a much more professional way.

"The Lakeside stage now adds something to the University that everybody can take part in and use, whether it's staff, students or guests."

Derry Caleb, the University's Director of Estates and Facilities, added: "With students using the lake much more during the year, we thought there was one natural position to put a stage with a power supply and other facilities that would enable people to hold small performances, put music on or congregate around.

"This is just one addition to the campus that will make it a very pleasant place to be."

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