Published: 19 October 2015

Executive education programme overcomes sector challenges

The School’s Centre for Research and Enterprise offers high quality open and bespoke executive education programmes to meet the increasing demand for industry-specific learning and development.

These programmes, which have been developed in partnership with industry experts, draw upon our specialism in the hospitality, tourism and events sectors built up over many years.  If your organisation could benefit from this personalised service, please let us know as we are keen to work with our alumni.

Professor Leo Jago, Co-Director of the Centre, said: “Ongoing development of staff is essential if the HTE sectors in the UK are to reach their potential. With our many years of research, coupled with an extensive range of successful industry collaborations, we believe that we are well positioned to help satisfy the sectors’ education and development needs.”

In the last 12 months, tailored programmes have been delivered to groups of senior managers working within a range of international businesses including Hainan Airlines Hotel group, The Jockey Club and Hotelplan, focusing on areas such as yield management, transformational leadership, business strategy, and customer service.

Through a combination of academic insight and practical industry-led examples, our delegates have been able to overcome challenges they face in their sector, in a new and interactive environment on campus.

Nevin Truesdale, Group Finance Director at The Jockey Club, said: “Everyone involved seemed to really enjoy it and take something away from it and there is definitely scope for us to change how we do things on the ground as a result of this.”

Alumna Emma Gaymer, Business Development Manager, added: Following ten years in industry,  it is great to be back and leading on the initiatives in this area, which have proven to be a big success thus far. Surrey has lots to offer in the ways in which a business can collaborate with us to create opportunities for progression in innovative ways.”

The Centre is currently establishing open programmes, to be launched in 2016. Please contact us if you wish to find out more about these programmes or to discuss your specific executive education needs:


Tel: +44 1483 683780

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