Published: 08 January 2014

A fresh perspective on emerging economic giants

Surrey alumnus Jim O’Neill introduces the ‘Mint’ countries in a new series on BBC Radio 4.

Jim O’Neill, one of the world’s leading economists and a University of Surrey alumnus, has taken to the airwaves to present a series of programmes on the emerging ‘Mint’ economies – four countries with the potential to be future powerhouses of the world economy.

In MINT: The Next Economic Giants, broadcast on BBC Radio 4 this month, Mr O’Neill lays out the case for Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey to join the economic top table. While recognising the potential for poverty and poor infrastructure to hinder their progress, the series explores the range of advantages – including young populations, strong geographical positions and natural resources – that these countries hold.

The former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Mr O’Neill is renowned for coining the term BRIC, which recognised the emergence of Brazil, Russia, India and China as rapidly developing countries that have come to symbolise a shift in global economic power.

“For 12 years I have been asked why just Brazil, Russia, India and China?”, Mr O’Neill explained. “What about other large populated emerging nations? So I decided to travel to those four which have the best chance of joining the BRIC countries in the top-ten largest economies in the world by 2050, to find out how real their chances are.”

Mr O’Neill studied for his PhD in Economics at the University of Surrey and now funds a scholarship programme for economics students at the University.

To discover more, read The Mint countries: Next economic giants? on the BBC website.

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