Published: 02 May 2014

Hospitality undergraduates take the lead at Lakeside

Students from the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management to run a series of themed menus at Lakeside Restaurant.

As part of their first year of study, undergraduates on the School’s International Hospitality Management programme are to take responsibility for running the University’s Lakeside Restaurant for a day.

The events represent a vital experience for students. Having been part of the Lakeside team over the course of the academic year – and trained by the professional staff within the restaurant – the students are expected to reach a level where they can run the restaurant themselves.

Student menus will be priced between £9.95 and £13.00 per person, for two courses. The menus will each be run around a particular theme – all conforming to the restaurant’s philosophy of offering a modern à la carte dining experience, where everything is made in-house.

Drawing on our extensive experience in the teaching and research of hospitality management, our International Hospitality Management programme combines specific industry-focused modules, a core foundation in business and management and hands-on experience in real hospitality organisations.

The programme’s connections with Lakeside give students the opportunity to learn how to plan, organise, evaluate and manage successful hospitality businesses. Set within the University of Surrey campus, the award-winning Lakeside Restaurant offers a contemporary lunch menu in a relaxed atmosphere.

More information on the themed menus and how to reserve a table can be found below. You can also explore Lakeside on the restaurant’s website, or discover more about International Hospitality Management at Surrey.

Themed Menus for Spring 2014

  • Monday 12 May ~ Willy Wonka's Whimsical Wonderland ~ £11.00
  • Tuesday 13 May ~ Brunch ~ £ 9.95
  • Wednesday 14 May ~ Your Appointment with Van Gogh ~ £12.50
  • Thursday 15 May ~ Alice in Wonderland ~ £10.00
  • Friday 16 May ~ Retro Revival ~ £11.50
  • Monday 19 May ~ Savoury Japan ~ £11.00
  • Tuesday 20 May ~ Tasty Melody ~ £12.99
  • Wednesday 21 May ~ Aloha: Hawaiian Paradise ~ £12.50
  • Thursday 22 May ~ Mardi Gras Carnival ~ £10.00
  • Friday 23 May ~ Beach Bites ~ £12.00


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Phone: (01483) 68 9655

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