Published: 03 November 2017

Law alumnus publishes money guide for students

A recent Surrey graduate has used his university experience to put together a guide to saving money and managing a budget to help students.

Ali Alalawi graduated this year in Law and says that, as an international student from Bahrain, he initially had difficulty working out how to save and make the most of his limited funds.

He said: “When I came to the UK four years ago I had no idea how to utilise my student status efficiently. I decided to take the initiative to challenge the idea that students cannot make the most out of their university time due to the budget limitations.”

The result is ‘Guide Me Booklet - The Perfect Guide To Manage Your Student Budget’ – now in its second edition and available on Amazon. Ali shares tips, tricks and his own experience:

“For the past two years I haven’t purchased anything at full price. I either get a discount code, cash back or some sort of reward for any purchase, and most of the time, it’s a combination of those three. From flying around Europe regularly for less than £20, to getting cash back on anything I buy online, to being rewarded for grocery shopping; it’s all in there.

“Ultimately this is four years’ worth of research, personal trials and experiences to give students that ultimate step ahead. There’s no intention of making any profit out of the booklet as my main goal is to help as many students as possible.”

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