Published: 31 May 2016

Leadership – a process, not a position

On 20 May Naggib Chakhane, Executive MBA class of 2005, joined us and shared the ‘5 Levels of Leadership’ strategy and what the top ten per cent of leaders are doing.

Naggib is a certified executive coach, international speaker and leadership trainer with the fastest growing leadership company in the world, The John Maxwell Team.

In February 2016, he was part of a team of coaches invited by the president of Paraguay, Mr Horacio Cartes to train the people of that country in “values based leadership”.

As a seasoned finance and corporate strategy professional he spent the last 20 years consulting with, or as part of the management team of various multinational corporations in the UK, USA, Central Asia, Japan and Africa.

Naggib focused on the importance of developing a productive team and how true leadership is about developing a team rather than only developing yourself.

He explained rising through the 5 Levels of leadership is what sets us apart to develop credibility as truly influential leaders.  

Level 1: Positionthe lowest level who people follow because they are the ‘boss’ and ‘have to follow’

Level 2: Permission Leadersunderstanding the ‘opportunity to serve’ and the one who builds relationships. Relating to people and taking responsibility

Level 3: Productionproducing results as a leader e.g increasing profits, uplifting staff morale. Being able to grow the company

Level 4: People Developmentthis is what the top 10% of leaders are doing. Developing their team and ‘reproducing themselves’ in others

Level 5: Pinnacle Leaders – developing a leadership culture. Making room at the top for others and committing time to coaching, mentoring, rewarding and practising leadership qualities. ‘Pinnacle’ leadership leaves behind a positive legacy, the mark of the greatest leaders. 

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Naggib currently sits on the boards, and acts as a strategic advisor, to several companies and non-profit organisations.

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