Published: 23 October 2015

New centre for criminal law

Criminal law is the focus for a new centre based within the School of Law at Surrey.

Research at the Sir James Fitzjames Stephen Centre for Criminal Law and Criminalisation covers a wide range of areas, including the intersection of human rights and criminal law, financial crime and corruption, the philosophy of criminal law and punishment and the constitutional and moral limits of the criminal law.

The centre’s work includes the organisation of conferences, workshops and lectures and its members prepare responses to Law Commission consultation papers and Government legislative proposals.

It also has developed links with the judiciary, the Bar, the Inns of Court, the Crown Prosecution Service, and other stakeholders with interests in criminal law, criminal justice and international criminal law.

The centre is named after Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, 1st Baronet, who died in 1894. He was a judge, a codifier, and historian of the law, and a prolific essayist and reviewer. His short General View of the Criminal Law of England presented the first textbook account of its subject, and his three-volume History of the Criminal Law of England its first comprehensive history.

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