Published: 10 May 2016

The NHS England Transforming Community Neurology Conference

The NHS Five Year Forward View sets out a plan for patient-centred, integrated care which is delivered locally. This has major implications for people living with neurological conditions and those who provide services for them.

The NHS England Community Neurology Project is facilitating a co-ordinated programme of work to improve care and outcomes for people living with neurological conditions. 

NHS England with its partners will be publishing in May a commissioning brief for the Community Neurology Project.

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In order to publicise the report , facilitate further engagement with commissioners and initiate further projects we are holding a conference at Royal Holloway University of  London on the 29 June. The event will target commissioners, community neurology project leads. AHSN leads, clinical neurology leads, neuropsychologists, specialist nurse organisations and neurological charities.

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