Published: 30 January 2016

Prosperity without growth – the key to a sustainable future?

The Centre for Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP) launched its multidisciplinary programme at the start of 2016 to explore the complex relationship between the prosperity of human beings and the ecological resource constraints of a finite planet.

CUSP will pay particular attention to the pragmatic steps that need to be taken to achieve sustainable prosperity.

- Professor Tim Jackson, Director of CUSP

Working closely with international collaborators and external stakeholders, the Centre aims to engage business, government and civil society to formulate supportive policies and actions towards achieving sustainable prosperity.

Led by Professor Tim Jackson, the interdisciplinary team will explore a diverse range of issues, including moral, social and psychological understandings of the good life, the role of the arts and culture in developing visions of prosperity, and the political and organisational dimensions of sustainable prosperity.

Building a vision for a more equitable prosperity, the team are already feeding into policy debates and have taken the key role as secretariat for a newly launched All-Party Parliamentary Group on Limits to Growth.

For the latest news and research in this area, visit the Centre for Sustainable Prosperity website, or read Professor Jackson’s seminal text on this debate, Prosperity without Growth. (Second Edition)

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