Published: 09 April 2013

Research award for Associate Dean for Health and Medical Strategy

Professor Tom Quinn, Associate Dean for Health and Medical Strategy in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, has been awarded the top research prize at the TRUST ‘Making an Impact: what’s new in emergency pre-hospital care research?’ conference in Cardiff.

Professor Quinn’s research into the ‘Use of the pre-hospital 12 lead electrocardiogram and mortality in acute coronary syndrome’ was named ‘Highest quality research’ at the TRUST (Thematic Research Network for emergency, UnScheduled and Trauma care) event, which brought together more than 120 researchers, policy makers and service users to discuss pre-hospital, emergency and trauma care.

The prize is a trip to present the research – which is sponsored by the British Heart Foundation and involves analysing data from around 425,000 patients to determine whether or not having an electrocardiogram (ECG) in the ambulance leads to quicker access to specialist treatment and better survival rates after a heart attack – at an international conference.

Read more about Professor Quinn’s research on the British Heart Foundation website.

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