Published: 17 February 2017

Shaping the debate on Brexit and beyond

The EU referendum and subsequent ‘Brexit’ have dominated media and political debate in the UK and internationally, causing one of the most profound ruptures to public policy in the past century.

As Senior Fellow in the ESRC's ‘UK in a Changing Europe’ programme, Surrey politics reader Simon Usherwood has provided an authoritative source for independent research on UK-EU relations. The programme, led by a team of experts, has coordinated a wide range of events, publications and media appearances, as well as providing timely, evidence-based input on the debate in an accessible format.

Specialising in Euroscepticism and UK-EU relations, Dr Usherwood has provided briefings to the Cabinet office and was part of a submission to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee review of the referendum. As well as informing government, he has given public talks across the UK and been involved in a large number of interviews and articles nationally and internationally including on the BBC, Al-Jezeera, The Telegraph and Reuters.

Since May 2015, Simon has also run a podcast, A Diet of Brussels, focusing on the EU referendum with approximately 190 episodes reaching more than 14,000 listeners across the UK, Europe and North America.

The ESRC programme’s work has reached a substantial public audience, building on its reputation as an impartial, trustworthy source of information during the referendum. As the UK’s exit from the EU is executed, the programme will continue to develop, particularly in its guidance to public and private bodies, practitioners, civil servants and politicians during the negotiations.

Simon’s expertise has contributed to engaging the public with the political situation, stimulating societal debate and understanding, which has crucially been informed by research.

To follow the debate, take a look at the Politics at Surrey blog or the UK in a Changing Europe project website.

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