Published: 27 August 2013

Surrey Business School student wins Microsoft’s ‘Intern of the Year’ award

Surrey Business School’s renowned industry connections allow undergraduates the opportunity to undertake their Professional Training placements at a variety of leading organisations – but it’s still up to the students themselves to make the most of those opportunities.

Business and Retail Management student Melissa Bell has done just that in her placement at Microsoft, by winning the ‘Intern of the Year’ award out of a group of over 100 students. Working as an Account Technology Strategist within the Enterprise Partner Group, Melissa has been working with Microsoft Enterprise customers across the retail, communications and media sector.

“I have had the chance this year to build relationships with customers”, Melissa explains. “It has been a fantastic opportunity for me to learn about Microsoft and how they work, as well as work with customers to understand their business needs.

“When doing a placement, you also get the opportunity to get involved in so many other projects outside your role. I was part of the 101 Campus Team, which meant I got to visit several different universities and share my placement experience with other students who are thinking of applying to Microsoft.

“All in all, my placement year has been fantastic. I have developed so many new skills and learnt so much about the technology, retail and consumer industries. The experience of working with Microsoft customers and partners has been priceless and it was great to top it off by winning the Intern of the Year award”.

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