Published: 08 November 2016

Surrey hosts Book Launch for Stewart Ferris’s ‘The Sphinx Scrolls’

Celebrated author and MA Creative Writing student Stewart Ferris celebrates the publication of his first novel, The Sphinx Scrolls, at the University of Surrey.

The launch of Stewart Ferris’s new book, The Sphinx Scrolls, took place at the University of Surrey on Tuesday 8 November, 2016.

Ferris, an acclaimed non-fiction author and final-year MA Creative Writing student at Surrey, celebrated the launch with fellow students, University staff and MA Creative Writing Programme Director Dr Stephen Mooney.

Mooney commented: "Stewart has been an integral part of our Creative Writing MA writing culture, so it is with a real sense of pride for us as a creative writing team here that we get to launch Stewart’s great new book at Surrey."

A talk was given by Ferris, who spoke about his inspiration for the novel and the writing process. The author also read an extract from The Sphinx Scrolls and took questions from the audience. He also revealed that he had been working on the novel for 20 years, and explained that: "the final year of writing it overlapped with the first year of my MA at Surrey, which gave me the opportunity to put what I had learned at Surrey into the final edits of the novel before publication."

I call it an archaeological thriller. It’s packed with history and theories that I’ve bought to life.

Ferris, a widely published author, has written over 40 non-fiction books including the five star rated How to be a Writer and The Key to The da Vinci Code.

The Sphinx Scrolls is his first novel and tells the story of Archeologist Ruby Towers, as she races to prevent an apocalytic threat foretold by an acient Mayan prophecy and set in motion by a dangerous Nazi descendant.

Ferris explained: "These grand concepts about the dawn of mankind and the legacy of civilisation – these were the big ideas behind the novel, but that doesn’t make a story. The next thing I had to do was to think about how to weave those concepts into a story that we can relate to, based on individual characters that we care about."

Ferris's novel is available to purchase via Accent Press and a number of online retailers.


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