Published: 20 March 2014

Surrey Lecturer addresses EV and HEV design in new book

Dr Saber Fallah explores how electrification is dramatically changing the way vehicles are designed in a new book published by John Wiley.

Electric and hybrid electric vehicles (EVs and HEVs) are increasingly recognised as the most promising road transport solutions to both the global energy crisis and increasingly stringent environmental and vehicle safety requirements.

Published by international academic publisher John Wiley, ‘Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Technologies, Modeling and Control – A Mechatronic Approach’ is designed to help a new generation of automotive engineers to master the principles of EV and HEV technologies. The book has been co-authored by Dr Saber Fallah, Surrey’s Lecturer in Vehicle and Mechatronic Systems, in collaboration with Professor Amir Khajepour and Dr Avesta Goodarzi of the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Dr Fallah explains, “EVs and HEVs are complex mechatronic systems. Their design requires us to consider vehicle and tyre dynamics, powertrain, electric motors and batteries, and control and estimation modules that are integrated through millions of lines of computer code.

“While existing publications outline the electrical aspects of EVs and HEVs, our book goes further by taking a more comprehensive perspective that combines electrics, control and dynamics. It puts new emphasis on how dramatically vehicle dynamics – and therefore our understanding of ‘conventional’ vehicle design – have been changed by electrification.”

The book is aimed at students on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, including both those with limited experience of automotive engineering applications and students with stronger automotive backgrounds. Providing an insight into the evolution of automotive technology design from conventional vehicles to the EV and HEV models we see on the road today, it also includes in-depth information on EV and HEV power management optimisation and vehicle control.

“We have tried to achieve a balance between building a solid conceptual understanding and developing procedural skills,” says Dr Fallah. “We’ve included examples of real automotive industry applications throughout the book to encourage students to apply their theoretical knowledge to actual design challenges.”

‘Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Technologies, Modeling and Control - A Mechatronic Approach’ will be published by John Wiley on 4 April 2014.

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