Published: 21 May 2014

Surrey MBA pioneers new mentoring scheme

Students and business experts come together at MBA Match.

Surrey Business School (SBS) has launched another new initiative to enhance the impact of its flagship MBA programme, in the form of a new mentoring scheme called MBA Match.

The programme pairs seasoned professionals -- all of whom have significant experience in overcoming business challenges -- with current MBA students. The business mentors then offer ongoing advice and support throughout the MBA, as well as regularly meeting mentees at events where ideas are discussed and contemporary business themes debated.

This year’s MBA Match scheme sees mentors drawn from a pool of organisations that includes Skype, the National Audit Office and IBM. Tony Grout, Head of Agile Transformation at Skype, commented: “It is great that Surrey Business School are advocating this activity. Students are able to accelerate their understanding of key business themes and ‘hit the ground running’ on their path to business leadership.”

"I look forward to the next networking event, which is one of the most valuable opportunities a good MBA can offer."

Christian Gottardo Jardirsky, full-time MBA student

The scheme follows the SBS philosophy of connecting students with real-world businesses, in order to further their practical experience. Speaking at the launch event, Professor David Goss, Head of SBS, spoke about the scheme’s role in Surrey’s vision for ‘a business school without walls’, which emphasises a free flow of skills and experience between business and SBS.

Professor Alan Brown, Associate Dean for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, commented: “The MBA is aligning more closely with local business needs, in order to build the next generation of business leaders. Graduates will combine a deep fundamental knowledge of business principles with the practical ability and experience to be leaders in their chosen field.”

Discover more about the Surrey MBA or watch this video in which mentors discuss the benefits of the MBA Match scheme.

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