Published: 02 October 2014

Surrey ranked top four nationally for would-be marketers

LinkedIn rankings place the University fourth in the UK for desirable graduate careers in marketing.

The online professional network LinkedIn has ranked Surrey as one of the best universities in the country for marketing professionals, based on how successful recent graduates have been at achieving desirable jobs. 

The LinkedIn University Rankings, which analyse the career paths of LinkedIn’s 313-million-plus members, place Surrey fourth nationally in the ‘Best schools for marketers’ list.

After identifying the top companies where marketers are choosing to work, the site assessed the number of Surrey alumni who have secured marketing jobs at these companies compared with other UK universities.

"We compiled LinkedIn's University Rankings to help students identify the schools that are successfully launching graduates into desirable jobs in key industries, empowering students to make informed choices that will start them off on the right foot on their professional journey," said Christina Allen, LinkedIn's Director of Product Management.

The result comes on the back of Surrey’s recent success in the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) employability rankings, where the University was rated the best in the UK for graduate employability (when compared with other chartered universities). Surrey Business School, home to the University’s specialist programmes in marketing, fared particularly well in the rankings, with 97.8 per cent of graduates in work (or further education) six months after they graduated, against a 96.9 per cent result for the University as a whole.

Discover more about Surrey’s range of marketing programmes on our Business and Management subject page.

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