Published: 09 November 2015

Surrey in verse

We receive many emails from alumni who write about their postive and enjoyable experiences at Surrey, but one graduate felt moved to compose a poem.

Subash Chellathurai, who graduated with an LLM in International Commerical Law in 2012 and works at the Reserve Bank of India, sent us the following verse  about how his dream to study at the University became reality.

Fallen in love

All that started with a tiny dream, that he should have a life with her

For that, she is neither an Indian nor she an Asian too;

That the dream continued ever recurring, prompting him to work on it

Knowing well that it’s tough to realise, still he didn’t give up.


Although, he had all those good qualities, including his hard work

Still it’s a dream for him to achieve, as she was too far away;

Did that stop him from pursuing? Nevertheless, he had his conviction

Never he gave up his aim, and developed his confidence.


It became tragic for him at one moment of time, when to his dismay

his parents opposed and advised to dump his dream;

As she was too far and it was nonetheless unthinkable for his parents

To spend such huge sum, as she was located in Europe.


Did this stop his love for her thereafter? Indeed, he did not. Instead,

He buried it in his heart and it remained alive there;

He studied very hard and that got him the appreciations from all

Obviously, government jobs became cake walk for him.


He became independent and started pursuing his career, also his dream

Parents showed green flag and it became a challenge for him;

He was a Legal Counsel, who became a Prosecutor in due course of time

He even became a Judge, does that mean all for him.


He continued his journey in career and got his benevolent employer

His dreams got revived and his love for her  blossomed;

He won his employer’s heart by his intelligence as well as hard work

The reward came in Sterling Pounds for him to go to Europe.


Although, she was for his academic excellence and work experience

He had to fill his pocket, as he had to meet his expenses;

His thirst for love made him ‘Golden Jubilee Scholar’ in Reserve Bank

And she made him an ‘International Scholar’ in corporate law.


She is evergreen, looks youthful and her physical shape was fine too

She stays on Stag Hill and the chilly snows make her white;

The Cathedral was fine too and it was fun throughout in Wandle house,

She was always friendly that he did not wish to leave her.


The life near the lake and the river around are ever loving, and her kindness

And the sports park with swimming pool is ever ringing;

She had a beautiful library and even taught him well, free French too

She made learning an entertainment though he was forty two.


He was not the only one who loved her and she has fans all over the world

She got him friends worldwide as she was master in many fields;

No wonder, he had fallen in love. She is none other than his beloved Surrey

With whom he had fallen in love, no wonder, Surrey is forever to him.

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