Published: 08 July 2016

Temporal Discombobulations: 'Time and Experience of the Gothic'

Please join us for the 'Temporal Discombobulations: Time and Experience of the Gothic' conference from 22-24 August.

Our experience of the Gothic is one founded in time. Whether it is of a past that will not or cannot die, multiple presents that can never be resolved, or infinite futures that can never be realised, it speaks of a temporal excess that refuses to be contained.

This interdisciplinary conference will explore the nature of this temporal sensory excess, which sees local time disrupted and discombobulated by vast swathes of historical time, parallel worlds, or infinite futures. Alongside the conference, we will be launching the Temporal Discombobulations anthology on 23 August, with readings, wine, and nibbles. This anthology is a collection of short fiction and critical discussions featuring the theme of time in the Gothic.

As a Postgraduate Society supported conference, we hope to see a number of students and faculty at the conference and have included a greatly discounted rate for all University of Surrey students.

Conference fees for £10 a day (or £20 for three days) includes admission to the conference, as well as tea, coffee, and lunch.

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Contact Rachel Marsh at with any enquiries.

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