Published: 10 October 2017

Together we are making a difference

We have received a wonderful response to our Chancellor’s 50th Anniversary Appeal and would like to say a big thank you to our supporters.

So far, we have raised £500,000 to fund our pioneering research and to support students who may otherwise struggle to go to university.

Students like Chloe Procter who graduated with a first class degree in Biological Sciences but could so easily have not taken this life-changing opportunity but for a scholarship to ease the financial burden.

“My mother raised me and my three sisters by herself and finances have always been tight,” said Chloe. “I am the first member of my family to attend university and it was difficult for me to persuade them of the value of going. The scholarship allowed me to come to university.”

We are committed to ensuring that talented young people are given the same opportunity as Chloe to reach their potential at Surrey, regardless of their financial situation. With your help we could offer even more students that chance.

Next month, we shall be running a telephone campaign to continue providing scholarships and furthering our world-renowned research. Gifts to the anniversary appeal will also enable us to tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time: providing safe drinking water for billions of people across the world; technology to improve the care of people with dementia; and discovering new treatments for human and animal cancer.

The aims of the appeal are one of the reasons student caller Laura El Bahrawy became involved:

“I’ve become a student caller because I think it is important for students, past and present, to support the growth of the university. By being a student caller, not only am I helping the university, I am encouraging alumni to do so too. I also believe that the causes that receive money raised from this campaign are well-deserving and vital to the University, its students and researchers.”

If you too are inspired by the pioneering work achieved at the University, please consider making a gift - £50 will form part of a hardship grant for students in financial crisis; £75 will go towards a scholarship for students from low-income households; £150 will contribute to equipment used in research, such as developing new treatments for cancer in cats and dogs.

If you are called, our enthusiastic team of students are keen to share news about the University, learn more about your life post Surrey and let you know how you can give back to the University. The campaign runs from 13-24 November.

Thank you once again for your support so far – together we are making a difference.

Read more about the appeal and how your gifts are transforming lives.

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