Published: 30 April 2013

University of Surrey wins major tourism award

The University of Surrey has become the first university to receive the prestigious Tourism Society Award, a recognition of its sustained commitment to excellence in the tourism industry.

Presented to those who have made “an exceptional contribution to the development of tourism in the United Kingdom”, previous recipients of the Award include Her Majesty The Queen, the London 2012 Olympic bid team and the National Trust.

This year’s Award – presented at the Tourism Society’s Annual Dinner at the House of Commons – was made in recognition of the University’s standing in the field of tourism scholarship and research. The Society paid tribute to “the remarkable contribution that the University of Surrey has made over its forty year involvement in tourism studies”, noting that “Surrey has established itself as a world leader in the study of tourism; its graduates have been employed across the tourism sector with many becoming industry leaders”.

Currently ranked number one in the UK for hospitality and tourism by The Guardian and The Times, the University of Surrey has built a reputation for excellence in the field since becoming the first English university to run a tourism course more than 40 years ago.

To discover more about Tourism at the University of Surrey, please visit the Hospitality and Tourism subject page.

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