Published: 17 April 2013

A vital step towards more sustainable tourism

European tourist destinations are increasingly recognising the importance of sustainability to their businesses. This awareness, however, hasn’t always been matched by their ability to assess sustainability.

In an effort to address this, the European Commission asked the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Surrey — in collaboration with Sustainable Travel International and The INTASAVE Partnership — to analyse the feasibility of the European Tourism Indicator System (ETIS), an innovative and easy-to-implement system created to monitor sustainability at tourism destinations. 

The ETIS provides destination stakeholders and Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) across Europe with a tested, approved and easy-to-use toolkit and system of indicators through which they can assess, monitor, manage and enhance their sustainability. Designed to be picked up and implemented without any specific training, the toolkit is adaptable to the needs of each particular destination.

Launched in Brussels to over 200 delegates (including members of the European Commission and tourism experts), the ETIS is a vital tool for the European Commission in its goal to encourage more comprehensive, inclusive and sustainable ways of working. The system aims to improve the information available to tourism stakeholders and to add value to the European tourism experience as a whole.

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