Published: 19 January 2017

A week in the life of a postgraduate language student

MA Interpreting (Chinese Pathway) student Xiyue Cai shares a typical week for her as a postgraduate student at Surrey.

Xiyue Cai, MA Interpreting student at the University of Surrey


The following timetable is a personal example - for the latest module information, visit the Language, Communication and Translation Studies subject page and select your degree programme.


9am to 12pm - Prepare for weekly consecutive interpreting examination in a group study room in the library with classmates

12pm to 1pm -  Lunch time, cook in the dormitory

2pm to 3:30pm - Revision and preparation for Specialised Translation module

4pm to 6pm – Specialized Translation module

7pm to 8:30pm – Italian course (Evening language classes at the University)



9am to 12pm – Consecutive interpreting module

12pm to 1pm - Lunch at Young’s kitchen

2pm to 3:30pm -  Revision and preparation for Translation and Interpreting Studies module

4pm to 6pm – Translation and Interpreting Studies Lecture



9am to 11am - Prepare for weekly simultaneous interpreting examination in a group study room in the library with classmates

11:30am to 1:30pm - Meeting my LACES partner for lunch and language exchange

2pm to 4pm – Understanding Your Source Text Workshop

4pm to 6pm – Translation Studies Seminars



9am to 12pm  - Simultaneous Interpreting module

12pm to 1pm -  Lunch at Hillside

2pm to 4pm - Completing Specialised Translation assignment in the library

4pm to 6pm - Reading for Translation and Interpreting Studies



9am to 12pm -  Consecutive interpreting revision, followed by simultaneous interpreting assignment

2pm to 3:30 pm - Study session for Translation and Interpreting Studies

4:00pm to 4:50 pm ­– ELSP assignment writing 


Life at Surrey

“All my lecturers are professional, patient and happy to help. They create a dynamic leaning atmosphere in class and always encourage us to be critical and bravely put forward our own opinions. The teaching methods are all student-centred and the feedbacks on each of my assignment are pertinent and detailed. 

The facilities at Surrey are excellent — we have great interpreting booths and bright group study rooms equipped with computers. We can book them online anytime. The library is open 24/7, even during the holiday period!

The FREE English Language Support programme (ELSP), Global Graduate Award (GGA) and SPLASH learning development offered by the university are an excellent opportunity for me to improve my language and academic skills and to make the most of my time here at Surrey.

Accommodations guaranteed policy, meet and greet service, orientation programmes, visa-related issues and free End-of-Year Lunch – I received a warm welcome and great assistance as an international student.

The on-campus restaurant Young’s Kitchen provides delicious and authentic Asian-style food, such as dumplings, Tofu, Pad Thai, Bimbibap and so on, which always helps us to deal with ‘the homesickness of our stomach’.  The SimpleFresh Store, just located on the ground floor of Library and Learning Centre, opens seven days a week, provides meat, bread, fresh fruit, vegetable, prepared meals and all kinds of daily necessities. It’s very convenient!”


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