Published: 18 March 2015

"Why patient reported outcomes matter"

Join Professor Lesley Fallowfield for our next SCRI Seminar!

When: Friday 24th April 2015

Time: 2pm

Where: B1, The Education Centre, The Royal Surrey County Hospital

“Why patient reported outcomes matter”

 Striking advances in cancer treatment over the past decade have provided many more patients with a genuine prospect of cure or much longer survival with their disease. However there are considerable psychosocial and iatrogenic harms created by both disease and treatment. CTCAE grades used within trials do not always adequately capture quality of life threatening adverse events, so whilst most novel therapies appear initially to have few side effects, it is only with longer term use in community settings that the harms as well as benefits are fully realised. Well validated and reliable patient reported outcomes (PROs) are needed for adequate health technology assessment. Systematic monitoring not only ensures that any ameliorative interventions are made available to individual patients as soon as possible, but also adds to our knowledge about the harms of treatment that require further research into potential amelioration. This talk will provide examples of how valuable PROs can be in both trial and clinic settings.


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