Published: 19 February 2016

Why study for a Masters degree in languages and translation?

Dr Sabine Braun, Director of the Centre of Translation Studies, explains how a Masters degree could help you get ahead in the field of languages, communication and translation.

A Masters degree in languages and translation can open doors to a host of varied careers.

Watch the video to find out more about Surrey’s vibrant multilingual community and learn how students are encouraged to pursue their passions in a diverse range of fields.

Languages and translation at Surrey

Surrey offers postgraduate languages, communication and translation studies degrees covering a wide range of specialisms, from business interpreting to teaching English to speakers of other languages.

Dr Braun said: “At Surrey, we encourage students to engage very critically with the field. This new insight puts our graduates in a position to be leaders in their fields, as they can create new approaches to resolving increasingly complex translation and interpreting tasks."

Explore our Languages, Communication and Translation Studies degrees and learn more about the School of Literature and Languages.

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