Published: 21 September 2016

Your future with a hospitality, tourism or events degree

From placements at the Savoy to opportunities to travel all around the world, students and staff from the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management describe why they chose Surrey.

The University of Surrey offers a range of degrees in the field of hospitality, tourism and events.

Hospitality degrees at Surrey

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Hospitality degrees can open many doors and offer opportunities all around the world.

Watch the video to find out about the connections the University of Surrey has with the Savoy hotel and learn about Robyn Palau's Professional Training year at Casa Marina Resort, a Waldorf Astoria hotel in Florida Keys.

Hospitality programmes at Surrey give students the chance to learn in a hands-on environment through on-site establishments such as the Lakeside Restaurant and Lakeside Coffee Shop.

Learn more about our hospitality degrees.

Events degrees at Surrey

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Events management at Surrey gives students a wide range of skills that can be applied in many different jobs in the sector.

Watch the video to discover what makes Surrey events graduates like Sophie Kinsella, now Events Manager for the Guardian, stand out above the rest.

Learn more about our International Events Management degree.

Tourism degrees at Surrey

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The structure of Surrey’s tourism programmes is very fluid, built through a range of optional module alongside compulsory core topics. This gives each student the opportunity to personalise their degree based on their interests and skills.

Watch the video to hear lecturer Dr Brigitte Stangl explain why tourism is such a successful course at Surrey, and see student Husna Zainal Abidin talk about what she's learned on the programme and how it's changed her world views.

Recent Surrey tourism graduates like Isla Shambrook have entered employment with organisations such as Thomas Cook and the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Learn more about our tourism degrees and find out what a typical week looks like for a first-year hospitality and tourism student at Surrey.

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