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Technology, skills and careers

We are interested in exploring:

  • How artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and robotics technologies affect value-creation, jobs and skills?
  • What skills profiles will be in demand in the next few decades?
  • How human resource management practices can support lifelong learning and innovation?

Research briefs

Sustaining newcomers' career adaptability (PDF)

The roles of socialization tactics, job embeddedness, and career variety.

Autonomous vehicles: How perspective-taking accessibility alters moral judgments and consumer purchasing behavior (PDF)

This research offers a new theoretical proposal regarding human moral decision making, as well as a new experimental method for testing the predictions of the proposal.

Doing business with AI (PDF)

Together with her collaborators, Professor Iis Tussyadiah looked into current publications to provide a comprehensive review of what we know so far about AI application in business.

How will robots redefine leadership in hotel management? A Delphi approach (PDF)

This research focuses on how HR experts perceive service robots and their impact on leadership and HR management in the hotel industry.

Nanomedicine: A socio-technical system (PDF)

By charting the extant literature and drawing on insights from science, innovation, technology, and organizational studies, we review the field of nanomedicine and pinpoint key thematic areas in which the field unfolds.

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