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Workplace transformations, health and wellbeing

We are interested in exploring:

  • How new forms of work such as digital platform work and remote working influence employees’ health and wellbeing?
  • How organisational responses to market competitive pressures impact sustainability?
  • How organisations can create the environment to support productive, happy and fulfilling working lives?

Research briefs

Buffering effect (PDF)

In search of the 'buffering' effect in the job demands-control model: the role of teamwork HRM practices and occupations.

Meaningful work (PDF)

Social stratification in meaningful work: occupational class disparities in the United Kingdom.

CIPD Good Work Index 2020 - UK Working Lives Survey (PDF)

This report presents the CIPD Good Work Index, the CIPD’s annual benchmark of good work or job quality in the UK.

Followers' unclear demands during the COVID-19 pandemic can undermine leaders' well-being: A moderated mediation model from an entrapment perspective (PDF)

This paper seeks to understand how unclear demands from followers during COVID-19 can affect leaders' wellbeing and use the defeat-entrapment theory to guide our theorizing and empirical examination.

Fostering mutual gains: Explaining the influence of high-performance work systems and leadership on psychological health and service performance (PDF)

Grounded in the emergent interest in sustainable management of human resources and drawing on self-determination theory, this study addresses two interrelated questions.

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