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People management, diversity and fairness

We are interested in exploring:

  • How virtual organisation/hybrid workplace influences leadership, teamwork and value-creation?
  • How increasing diversity affects performance, organisational fairness and employees’ experience of work?
  • How institutions and public policies can mitigate inequality in labour market outcomes?

Research briefs

Intuition in business (PDF)

Is CSR achieved at the expense of internal organisational stability? (PDF)

Insights into the development of Employee Volunteering programmes in the UK.

Investigating variation in pay in adult social care (PDF)

Analyzing leadership attributes in faith-based organizations: Idealism versus reality (PDF)

This paper aims to contribute to the growing discussion about leadership in the contemporary Church of England.

Business schools and hubris: Cause or cure? (PDF)

We offer firstly the ‘Provocation’ that business schools may have been a cause of hubris in business and wider society, and secondly the ‘Proposal’ that business education is a vital means for tempering hubris and mitigating its negative effects.

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