Surrey Centre for Innovation and Commercialisation

The Surrey Centre for Innovation and Commercialisation (SCIC) has been established to encourage international investors and a network of influential industrial leaders to support innovation and commercialisation for students and academics at the University. 

About us

We have links to all the necessary resources, including commercialisation experts, funding, and a great investment network to provide the right mix of technical, business, and management skills to succeed in innovation and commercialisation.

Setting up a spinout company is exciting, interesting, and stimulating, but a time-consuming and very stressful activity.

Don’t worry, we are ready to help.

Our approach

We work in partnership with University of Surrey researchers in forming spinout companies, by contributing in five main areas:

IP support

We work with the University Technology Transfer Office to identify, protect, and evaluate your Intellectual property

Business planning

We can connect you with commercialisation experts in the trusted third parties to help prepare and form a business plan

Market research

We can help selected companies to investigate the target market with its network of influential industrial leaders

Building your team

We can help identify a person to lead the team during the spin out process


We can support raising the finance to get the opportunity off the ground through its network of local and international investors

Procedures and policy

We welcome and encourage the formation of spinouts where they are the best route to commercialise ideas.

Our directors, network of businesses, and connected private investors provide capital for investment in new spinouts from the University of Surrey.

If an academic founder wishes to receive investment support from us, and if we wish to offer it, we will prepare and present a proposal.

We recognise the benefit of the well-resourced and well-connected local and international investors, whether they are providing their capital investment or simply their views and advice on potential spinout projects. We work collaboratively with academic founders to consider, plan for and form new spinout companies. It is always the choice of an individual academic whether or not to work with us.

We will help to guide you through the relevant internal procedures, in conjunction with the appropriate university officers and external experts from industry.

SCIC events

We don’t currently have any upcoming events. Check back soon for further announcements.

Person typing on a laptop

Let’s move forward!

Once you decide forming a spinout company would be the most appropriate path, please complete our Invention Disclosure Form.

Please note: You will need to agree for the Technology Transfer Office to share it to us, we will then be able to assist you to develop an action plan for your spinout.

Current opportunities

We are recruiting AI/blockchain research assistants.