About the Surrey Institute of Education

The Surrey Institute of Education supports the enhancement of higher education through high-quality educational research and evaluation that has an impact on policy and practice.

The Surrey Institute of Education comprises of two teams, Educational Development and Research and Digital Learning.

Surrey Institute of Education team

Educational Development and Research team

The Educational Development and Research team supports and promote excellence in learning and teaching at the University of Surrey.

Using a research-led and evidence-based approach, we enhance learning and teaching across the disciplines. We provide academic leadership and give direction to the continued professional development of practising university teachers. We help university staff to achieve teaching excellence in academic practice.

We provide a framework for the teaching qualifications of academics and academic-related staff, ensuring consistency of standards across the University and offers certificated programmes and academic development opportunities.

We assist the faculties in the implementation of the strategic priorities set out in the University’s Learning and Teaching Strategy and in the evaluation of pedagogic practice related to innovation in teaching and learning.

In addition to the qualifications we offer, we are involved in research into higher education that has gained international recognition.

We support practising university teachers by:

  • Providing courses, workshops and development events for academic and academic-related staff at the University of Surrey
  • Fostering approaches to learning, teaching and educational policy that are informed by current research
  • Maintaining a focus on enquiry into student learning

University of Surrey teaching staff can find more information on the intranet.

Digital Learning team

The Digital Learning team comprises a skilled and ambitious team of experts in the field of digital learning who are taking a leading role in shaping the University’s plans to enhance the student learning experience through digital transformation.

    We work with faculties and departments to help them achieve the strategic priorities set out in the Education Strategy and in the evaluation of pedagogic practice related to the use of technology-enhanced teaching and learning.

    We provide support and guidance through:

    • Show and tell events
    • Practical workshops
    • Online courses and masters modules to disseminate and embed technology enhanced learning.

    Our range of learning and teaching technologies for ensure staff have the digital resources to make the most of blended and flipped pedagogic approaches.

    We support teams in their design of engaging and inclusive curricular and co-curricular activities which use digital resources to enrich learning and which develop digital literacies.

    We engage with students as partners in shaping pedagogical approaches and activities through our co-design approach.

    We provide and support a range of technologies for learning and teaching, to ensure students have the digital resources to make the most of blended and flipped pedagogic approaches.