People in the Surrey Institute of Education

Find out about the teams within the Surrey Institute of Education.

Leadership team

Anesa Hosein profile image

Dr Anesa Hosein

Head of Educational Development and Research

Educational Development and Research team

Laura Barnett profile image

Dr Laura Barnett

Lecturer in Higher Education

Jane Bradford


Karen Gravett profile image

Dr Karen Gravett

Associate Professor in Higher Education; Associate Head (Research); Director of the PGCLTHE and AFHEA pathway.

Marion Heron profile image

Dr Marion Heron

Associate Professor in Educational Linguistics

Ian Kinchin profile image

Professor Ian Kinchin

Emeritus Professor of Higher Education

Simon Lygo-Baker profile image

Dr Simon Lygo-Baker

Senior Lecturer in Higher Education

Dominic Mahon profile image

Dr Dominic Mahon

Lecturer in Higher Education

Emma Medland profile image

Dr Emma Medland

Senior Lecturer

Vily Papageorgiou profile image

Dr Vily Papageorgiou

Lecturer in Higher Education (Curriculum Design)

Janet Ramdeo profile image

Dr Janet Ramdeo

Lecturer in Higher Education (Inclusive Education), Programme Director for Surrey Open Pathway.

Digital Learning team

Helen Ghodbane

Digital Learning Designer and Developer

Ben Greg

Faculty Digital Learning Coordinator (FHMS)

Katalin Hanniker profile image

Katalin Hanniker

Digital Learning Designer (Surrey Institute of Education)

Kabir Hussain

Digital Learning System Manager

Rachel O'Callaghan profile image

Rachel O'Callaghan

Faculty Digital Learning Coordinator (FHMS)

Roger Rees

Digital Learning Projects Manager

Serge Rubcovs profile image

Serge Rubcovs

Faculty Digital Learning Co-ordinator (FEPS)

Andrew Short

Faculty Digital Learning Coordinator (FASS)


Debbie Gooch profile image

Dr Debbie Gooch

Lecturer in Developmental Psychology

Harriet Tenenbaum profile image

Professor Harriet Tenenbaum

Professor in Developmental and Social Psychology

Postgraduate research students

Adeeba Ahmad profile image

Adeeba Ahmad

Postgraduate Research Student

Mohammad Makram Mareye Mohammad profile image

Mohammad Makram Mohammad

Postgraduate Research Student

Roaa Niazi

Postgraduate Research Student

Beyza Ucar Longford profile image

Beyza Ucar Longford

Postgraduate Research Student

Nindya Juwita Utimadini profile image

Nindya Juwita Utimadini

Postgraduate Research Student

Wei Zhang profile image

Wei Zhang

Postgraduate Research Student