Educational transitions

Discover how our research explores the transitions that pupils make throughout education.

Our research

Our research investigates important transitions that pupils make from primary to secondary to tertiary education, and into the workforce, with a focus on identifying the predictors of successful transitions.

Research also focuses on transitions and how these relate to learning and teaching in higher education, including educational transitions into and through university, and the impact of discourses and narratives surrounding these.

It focuses on the following questions:

  • What are the successful predictors of transition in school and university?
  • Can having best friend support children’s transition into secondary school?
  • How do children influence parents to help them with online learning?
  • How does motivation change across university?
  • How do mental health and wellbeing in students entering university affect their life outcomes?
  • Which situational factors influence students’ motivation in university?
  • What are the successful predictors of transition into the workforce?
  • How can mentoring support transition of women into STEM fields?
  • how can we understand transition in new ways and wider our understanding of the complexity and diversity of students’ experiences?
  • How can we shift discussions away from the deficits of students, and examine the environmental and systemic challenges that impact upon students’ experiences?
  • What are the predictors of non-gendered pathways?