Identities and values

Discover how our research explores identities and values in learning experiences at university.

Our research

Our research investigates how staff and student identities and their values shape their experiences at universities. The research has a focus on identifying strategies and interventions that can enhance educational experiences. This group explores the educational implications of diverse groups of teachers and learners that engage in new and different spaces together (e.g. low-income school-aged and university learners, neurodiverse, migrants from different countries). The group also explores how the motivation, wellbeing, and self-efficacy of those involved in education (students, teachers, leaders) are impacted by structures, values, and policies.

It focuses on the following questions:

  • How do international academics acculturate within their professional context?
  • How can issues such as othering affect acculturation within universities?
  • How can “local” academics benefit from the cultural knowledge of international academics?
  • What might a values-based concept of excellence look like?
  • How does the development of literacies shape our identities as teachers?
  • What is the role of academic literacies within students’ identity development?
  • How do different identified groups experience and engage with learning and teaching in education?
  • How can the identities of learners with special educational needs be nurtured through creative arts?