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We have a host of Spanish, listening, reading and phonetics resources available for advanced learners. They have been specially designed for students of GCE AS-level, but the texts and exercises may be used at higher or lower levels, depending on the ability of the learner.

Spanish exercises and topics



Spanish phonetics

This is an introductory listening course aimed at practising recognition of the sounds and main accents of Spanish. It contains practical exercises alongside a short explanation and is divided into two parts.

  • Part 1: basic listening exercises practising the distinction between similar sounds (minimal pairs)
  • Part 2: more advanced listening exercises on the main accents of Spanish (northern peninsular Spanish, Spanish of the low/coastal lands and Spanish of the high lands).

Basic exercises

Advanced exercises

Ab initio

If you are studying the Spanish Ab Initio courses, you will be given access to over 200 online exercises, created by the University of Surrey, to practise your Spanish vocabulary, listening, reading, writing and grammar skills. Here is a sample of some of the exercises you will have access to on the course:

Spanish learning apps

Pigobo has an app available for ipods, ipads, iphones or android operating systems, developed by Maria Eugenia D'Asta-Keating. It is designed to help you learn Spanish from beginners up to intermediate level. There is a free version (Maria's Spanish Class Lite) available on the website to get you started.

uTalk is available for all University of Surrey students for over 25 languages, including Spanish.

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