About Materials Research

We live in a world surrounded by man-made materials that have been engineered to fulfill a specific purpose, from the many components of everyday articles such as razors and mobile phones, to the high performance armour used to protect military personnel and the coatings applied to aircraft to mitigate the effects of lightning strikes.

This has been achieved by having a profound understanding of the linkages between how a material is made, what structure it has (over a range of length scales), what properties result and how all of these factors ultimately determine the performance of the material in a specific application, be it for a few minutes or many tens of years.

Often selecting the most suitable material, then designing its microstructure and processing it in a cost-effective and sustainable manner such that it is optimised for performance, is crucial to the ‘enablement’ of a new technology; conversely, failure to understand the vital role of materials can lead to missed business opportunities.

Across the University of Surrey we have over 50 academics, residing in six engineering/physical science departments, united by our common interest in materials.

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