Published: 28 June 2019

Seven top tips for Adjustment and Clearing

Whatever you predict your A-level results to be, it pays to be prepared before the big day finally arrives. Here are our ideas to help you get ready.

Student studying in the library

Preparing for A-level results day 2019

1. Create a shortlist of the courses you’d like to study

Do this in order of priority, bearing entry requirements in mind. This gives you a definitive list to take immediate action on when Clearing or Adjustment options become available. It’s competitive out there, but you’ll be ahead because you’ve planned in advance.

2. Which universities interest you the most?

Considering the ranking of a university and its courses may be important, but don’t forget other important details such as the campus location and its facilities. You could take a look at our campus to find out more about Guildford and get more of a feel of what it’s like to study and live at Surrey, for example.

3. Make a list of university Clearing hotline numbers

Draw this up based on universities with courses or departments that interest you, while also considering the points above. For Clearing, this will help you to take immediate action because you’ve planned ahead.

4. It’s both an exciting and anxious time – but make time for sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can become more difficult during times of high stress. However, poor sleep affects both your ability to focus and make good decisions, as well as your ability to sustain a positive mood. Take a look at our tips for good sleep to make sure you get the rest you need.

Student in library on her mobile phone

When the day finally arrives

5. Have you got what you need?

Before you call anyone for Clearing, make sure you have your UCAS and URN numbers to hand, as well as a pen and paper so you can take down the names of anyone you speak to. This will help you track your progress, especially if you need to call anyone back.

6. Contact the universities yourself and do it straight away

Call the phone numbers on your list as soon as you can. High-ranking universities in particular run out of Clearing spaces very quickly, so don’t wait around. Remember you’re the one going to university - not your parents - and there may be questions that your parents, guardians or friends can’t answer, so make sure you make the call yourself to maximise your chances of securing a place.

7. Check the deadline for offers and stay positive!

If you’re fortunate enough to get multiple Clearing offers on the day, make a note of the deadline for these offers in order to maximise your chances. For Adjustment, also bear in mind any looming deadlines for offers. No matter what happens make sure you stay positive – keep calling universities and remember that you always have another chance next year if things don’t work out.


Find out more about applying to Surrey through Clearing and Adjustment. Good luck for your A-level results day!

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