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Published: 12 June 2017

Robots take over the University of Surrey in next month’s event

The University of Surrey is inviting exhibitors to its annual Towards Autonomous Robotics Systems (TAROS) event running from 19 to 21 July – where they can meet the University’s “guests” of a talking robot called Pepper and a robotic dog. 

Robotic arms

The conference, which is the longest running UK-hosted international conference on Robotics and Autonomous Systems, provides a platform for researchers, practitioners and industrialists to discuss the latest developments in autonomous robotics research and applications.

The keynote speakers will discuss topics ranging from Europe’s first Rover mission to Mars to whether or not humanity is alone in the universe. Speakers will include Airbus DS’s Abbie Hutty, who is the youngest person to become a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers at only 29 and a former graduate of the University of Surrey.

TAROS-2017 also invites universities, research institutes, industrial companies and SMEs to participate in the conference as an exhibitor.

Attracting many leading figures in robotics from both research and industry, the event is a great opportunity to showcase state-of-the-art demonstrators, products and services.

Professor Yang Gao, who is Professor of Space & Autonomous Systems at the University of Surrey and the General Chair of TAROS-2017, said: “We’re looking forward to welcoming speakers on a wide range of topics on the vital field of principles and practice of robotics. These range from advanced medical robotics, autonomous vehicles and space robotics to ethical and societal issues, and modelling and analysis of robot models.

“Our exhibitors will demonstrate their technology related to TAROS while they join in an academic conference with keynote speeches, presentations, and industry exhibitions. They can also join in robot demonstrations, an Institution of Engineering Technology (IET) public lecture and other satellite events.

“It’s a great opportunity for everyone interested in this fascinating field to take advantage of TAROS’ welcoming environment for robotics researchers and practitioners over the world to take stock and plan future progress.

“We always have a good turnout of senior researchers and research students, and provide opportunities for young researchers, scientists and business entrepreneurs to present their work to the global robotics community.”





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