Published: 01 November 2018

Alternative Travel

Getting from A to B sustainably


The University is committed to playing its part in encouraging staff and students to travel sustainably.

An increased bus service on routes 1 and 2 from Stoughton to the town centre via the University has been introduced. These enhanced services, operated in partnership with Stagecoach, will facilitate more bus travel by local people, University staff and students.

The University has also just introduced a 50 strong bike-share scheme between its campuses to encourage a reduction in car journeys locally. This should soon link with a Guildford wide scheme being investigated by Guildford Borough Council.

Car sharing is also set to take a leap forward via a new service from FAXI, which enables people in communities to identify each other and easily arrange to share journeys. If successful, this could help reduce congestion, pollution, and save people money and time while providing safer and more efficient travel.

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