Published: 28 March 2019

Annabelle Gawer attends Davos Conference

Annabelle Gawer participated in a distinguished panel in Davos during the World Economic Forum 2019 to discuss The Power of Platforms: A New Digital Model

The panel  included a range of business leaders in addition to Annabelle Gawer who provided an academic perspective about the future evolution of business models related to the Digital Economy.  The panel discussion included Craig Dawson (Executive Partner, IBM Automation Platform Leader Europe), Olivier Grémillon (Vice President,, Annabelle Gawer (Chaired Professor in Digital Economy; Director, Surrey Centre of Digital Economy) and Dóra Petrányi (Partner, Technology, Media and Communications, CMS).

Annabelle discussed how digital platforms  create value far beyond conventional companies. They bring together individuals and organisations so they can innovate and interact in ways otherwise not possible, with the potential for non-linear increases in utility and value. Annabelle explained the difference between transaction platforms such as Amazon Marketplace or Uber or Airbnb, and innovation platforms such as Android or iOS. 

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