Published: 23 April 2020

Association for Project Management features Dr YingFei Héliot’s study about religious identity in the workplace

Dr YingFei’s study highlights the important correlation between inclusive workplaces that support individuals who wish to express their religious identity with well-being and effectiveness at work.    

As remote working and virtual teams become more commonplace, even before Covid-19, it’s now more important than ever to understand and respect cultural and religious differences. The study identified religious identity as an often-neglected facet.

“The key idea is to have collective organisational conversation on these issues on a continuous basis. Over time this will create truly inclusive organisational culture where stakeholders and team members are engaged and supported as much as possible.”
Dr YingFei Heliot, Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour

The report also recommends several practices that can be applied in the workplace to allow for religious inclusion. These include:

  • Being aware of differences in religious practice while understanding legal obligations to accommodate religious expression
  • Forming organisational practices that encourage mutual respect and support individuals right to express themselves
  • Develop guidance to address conflict between personal and organisational values
  • Offer training to highlight links between religious and occupational identities.

To find out more visit Association for Project Management. With thanks to Dr YingFei Héliot, Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour.

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