Published: 29 May 2015

Chemistry student awarded the Faculty PhD Research Scholarship

Hannah Whitmore, a final year MChem (Medicinal Chemistry) student in the Department of Chemistry, has been awarded the prestigious Faculty PhD Research Scholarship to undertake PhD studies in the Department.

Hannah will be working in Professor Dulcie Mulholland’s group, in conjunction with researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Her research project involves the development of novel treatments from plant sources to treat pathogenic neovascularization, the cause of a number of degenerative ocular diseases, which together are the most common causes of blindness in children and adults.

Preliminary studies have shown that homoisoflavonoids, a class of non-toxic compounds isolated from the Hyacinthaceae, are effective in treating this condition in premature mice. Hannah will be isolating more compounds of this type, undertaking structure-activity relationship studies and synthesizing promising compounds. She will be spending part of her degree working in Indianapolis.

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