Published: 24 December 2015

Chinese central government visits 5GIC

On Thursday 17 December, a group of 25 delegates from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology visited the University campus for a tour of the 5G Innovation Centre.

On arrival the delegates were given an overview of the Centre, followed by a discussion of 5GIC’s technical approach and strategy by Dr Pei Xiao and a presentation from Professor Barry Evans on the role of satellites in 5G.

After lunch, the group heard from 5GIC colleagues about major areas of research into 5G technologies, before completing a tour of the building.

5G Programme Manager, Bernard Hunt, said: "This visit from high ranking Chinese telecommunications representatives was an opportunity to explore what the future impact of 5G will be, and we were delighted that the delegates shared 5GIC’s vision for a digitally connected world which will drive economic and societal growth in entirely new and positive ways."

"The ethos of the Centre is built on cooperation, not competition. 5G will be achieved through global collaboration so that everyone will benefit from working to common standards. There is no question that China will have a significant influence on these developments which will touch the most important aspects of our lives such as eHealth, Internet-of-Things, mobile broadband and connected cars."

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