Published: 05 August 2020

Collaborating with the NHS to provide a safe and efficient temporary work space for key personnel

Stephen Bennion and Dean Bilsby from IT Services set up NHS workers temporary office on campus.

Row of computers

Over recent months most of us have had to adjust to working somewhere other than our office on campus, and NHS employees are no different. When the pandemic took hold Royal Surrey County Hospital took the decision to relocate some staff members, in the interest of safely, and our very own FHMS generously suggested working together to create an office space for NHS staff on our Manor Park campus.

Today we’d like to say a big thank you to Stephen Bennion, Distributed Systems Technician and Dean Bilsby, IT Networks Operations Team Lead, from IT Services who were key to the office move and most importantly were integral to providing network connectivity and IT infrastructure to the NHS personnel who moved onto our campus.

Dean and Stephen also set up an on-line training facility for new NHS staff by relocating PCs, setting up connectivity, phones, PCs and printing for up to 60 NHS staff.

Blaise Jennings, Director of Operational Finance, Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust, expressed a huge amount of gratitude to Dean for going above and beyond and applauded his ability to achieve what needed to be done in “record time”.

Stephen has also been involved with helping to build and ship an impressive 700 laptops to NHS staff. Stephen felt compelled to offer his help and has found the experience massively rewarding. It has also given him a greater sense of purpose and provided more structure to his days in lockdown, which has been a big plus for Stephen.

Both Dean and Stephen feel extremely proud to be part of a dedicated team who have helped to keep the NHS operational – as well as all our staff and students who are working and learning remotely – and we are extremely proud of them.

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