Published: 22 October 2018

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility module competition

Last week, we ran our Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility MSc module including nine case studies with six industry speakers. The conclusion of the week was a competition asking each group to produce a CSER Bonsai – condensing the week’s work and ideas into one poster outlining the current and future state of corporate sustainability.

The winning entry was from group five: Mehar Ahluwalia, Jennifer Horn, Saixi Liu, Keira Morgan and Lia Papazoglou.

Congratulations to our masters students for their creative poster and fantastic contribution to the module, hope you found the prize tasty!

Module leader Dr Walter Wehrmeyer said:

"The task of condensing such a wide variety of topics, issues and solutions is challenging and combines the kind of integrative and synthesising thinking with the need to communicate effectively that is the hallmark of what we try to instil in our MSc programmes. Very well done!”

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